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Work Injury Claims Lawyer

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

Injuries at the workplace can be extremely emotional and stressful. Injuries on the job can be debilitating and painful. It is common to fear losing your job even if one has been injured at work and cannot perform his or her duties. You have rights under federal and California state workers’ compensation laws. It is important to have a work injury claims lawyer on your side.

Benefits Working With A Work Injury Claims Lawyer

A working injury claims lawyer works tirelessly to protect you from any negative ramifications. Workers’ compensation was designed to help you with financial losses during times of injury. Although workers’ compensation is extremely helpful, filing a claim can be a complex process in many situations. With knowledgeable representation from a work injury claims lawyer, you be confident that all your rights will be protected and get you the best settlement possible for your injury.

At Robbins, Strunk & Cramer, we have over 30 combined years experience in workers’ compensation claims and litigation. We are not intimidated by large insurance companies and utilize our extensive knowledge and experience. If your rights have been violated in any way, it is important to speak with a work injury claims lawyer. If you have any questions e-mail or contact us at (408) 848-1113

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